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Trail Tech Voyager

Trail Tech

  • $ 280.00

If you are like us and love to explore, Voyager is a must! Using Voyager in conjunction with Google Earth is a fantastic way to navigate your own way on two wheels! Its easy to learn and use, plus using Trail Tech's free web-based "Ride Leader" software makes editing simple. Voyager GPS allows you to create, log and ride trails, and when you are finished you can share them with friends.

As a nice bonus, it also monitors and logs your engine temperature, ambient temperature, distance, time, speed, voltage, compass, elevation, and engine RPM. The 2.7” screen uses the most up-to-date technology for amazing viewing, even in direct sunlight.

Trail Tech makes complete kits to fit most any bikes. To ensure we ship you the correct Voyager accessory kit to fit your ride,  please indicate your bike year, make and model. We also offer Trail Tech's ultra-trick anodized billet aluminum housing for $100 more. (Please select from drop-down menu above) We work closely with Trail Tech to ensure we ship you the correct Voyager kit for your bike and get it to you fast. (please allow 2 business days for shipping)

Each Voyager kit includes:

  • "Slip in" radiator temperature sensor (no cutting of coolant lines necessary)
  • Front wheel magnet/sensor kit with wire lead (replaces OEM where necessary)
  • Standard mounting bracket 
  • Power lead to hook Voyager to your bikes power
  • Ignition sensor and lead
  • Micro SD card and reader


  • Holds 300 way points max
  • Holds 72,500 track points max
  • Holds 72,500 route points max
  • Holds 300 routes and tracks
  • Voyager weighs only 6.1oz
  • Internal Lithium-Ion battery. Without being hooked to power will last 11 hours under normal operating conditions and about 6 hours with back-light at full bright. Charge time is 3-8 hours. Hooking your Voyager up to your bikes power ensures battery is always charged.
View or download complete operating instructions here.




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