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Mini Rear Tugger (50cc-230cc)


  • $ 12.00

Mini Rear Tugger™ (Style 3-4)

Fits: Honda CRF 50 to 230, KTM 50/65 models, LEM 50, & Yamaha TTR50 & TTR90

The mini Tugger™ mounts to the sub-frame extensions found under the rear fender on Honda CR50F, CR70F, CR100F, CR150F, and CR230F, KTM 50 & 65 SX, LEM 59, and Yamaha TTR50 & TTR90. 

The mini rear Tugger™ is very easy to install, and it stays out of the way until you need it. They are crazy strong yet only weigh 1.5 oz. After riding with the Tugger™, you and your little shredder will never want to ride without one again. (Please review this application chart before ordering).

These mini Tuggers™ are now stronger than ever before! The guys at Tugger™ have switched to a specialized grommet with teeth that grip the webbing, providing exceptional tear-out resistance. Therefore, you can go ahead and brutalize your Tugger™.....-It can take it!!

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