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DDC Racing

Suzuki Professional Moto Kit: Gold RK Chain (UW-Ring)

Suzuki Professional Moto Kit: Gold RK Chain (UW-Ring)

Normál ár $ 250.00 USD
Normál ár Akciós ár $ 250.00 USD
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Suzuki Professional Moto Kit:


Everything you need in one easy step, and the best part is: YOU SAVE HUGE!

Our Combo Kit includes:

  • 1 OEM Suzuki Front Sprocket

  • 1 DDC Racing Suzuki Rear Sprocket

  • 1 RK Gold GB520MXU UW-Ring Chain. (120 link, w/ clip on master-link) The MXU is the lightest sealed-ring chain available on the market today! 

  • 1 Sprocket Bolt Kit by Bolt Motorcycle Hardware

Choose your bike model and gearing combination from the drop-down menu above.

Due to the limited display size on some smart phones, you may not be able to see all bike model choices in the drop-down menu. We have listed them here as this text should adjust to fit your screen. Please make sure you select your bike model from the drop-down above to ensure we send you the correct front sprocket.

Bike Model Option 1 Fits: RM 250 (1987-2012) RMX 250 (1989-2001) DR 250 (1990-1993) DRZ 250 (2001-2007) TS 250 (1985-1990) RM 250Z (1982) RM 250D (1983) DR 350 (1990-1993) DRZ 400 (2000-2007)

Bike Model Option 2 Fits: RMZ 450 (2013-Current)

Bike Model Option 3 Fits: RMZ 450 (2008-2012) RMX450Z (2010-2013, 2017) *13 and 14 tooth fronts available

Bike Model Option 4 Fits: RMZ 250 (2013-Current)

Bike Model Option 5 Fits: RMZ 250 (2007-2012) RM 125 (1980-2012) PE 175 (1978-1984) RS 175 (1980-1982) *12 and 13 tooth fronts available

Bike Model Option 6 Fits: RMZ 250 (2004-2006)

*Please note: 12 tooth fronts only available for RMZ 250 (2007-2012) RM 125 (1980-2012) 14 tooth fronts only available for RMZ 450 (2008-2012) RMX450Z (2010-2013, 2017). If you select these tooth counts with any other model bike selected, the kit will show up as "unavailable".

RK GB520MXU (120 Link)

                Pin Length: 18.00mm

                Tensile Strength: 8,000 ft/lbs

                Engine Displacement: Recommend for use for up to 500cc off-road

                Seal Type: UW-ring

                Colors Available: Gold

The GB520MXU RK Chain is a narrow and ultra-light sealed MX/SX racing chain. This chain is the lightest sealed-ring motocross chain available on the market today! Made for the professional motocross racer, 520MXU is the next generation of motocross racing chains featuring RK's new UW-sealing rings. MXU chains are designed to provide the most consistent power delivery and increased chain life. All components are heat treated using Rk's exclusive HIT (Heat Induction Transfer) process. The GB520MXU can be used for both off-road and Supercross events. Many professional off-road race teams from FMF KTM Factory Off-Road to Rockstar Husqvarna Factory Off-Road use the MXU. This chain will last 10 times longer than a traditional motocross non-o ring chain!

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