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DDC Racing

Suzuki Moto Kit: Gold RK MXZ4 Chain (Non O-Ring)

Suzuki Moto Kit: Gold RK MXZ4 Chain (Non O-Ring)

Normál ár $ 220.00 USD
Normál ár Akciós ár $ 220.00 USD
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Suzuki Moto Kit:


Everything you need in one easy step, and the best part is: YOU SAVE HUGE!

Our Combo Kit includes:

  • 1 OEM Suzuki Front Sprocket

  • 1 DDC Racing Suzuki Rear Sprocket

  • 1 RK Gold GB520MXZ4 Non O-Ring Chain. (120 link, w/ clip on master-link)

  • 1 Sprocket Bolt Kit by Bolt Motorcycle Hardware

Choose your bike model and gearing combination from the drop-down menu above.

Due to the limited display size on some smart phones, you may not be able to see all bike model choices in the drop-down menu. We have listed them here as this text should adjust to fit your screen. Please make sure you select your bike model from the drop-down above to ensure we send you the correct front sprocket.

Bike Model Option 1 Fits: RM 250 (1987-2012) RMX 250 (1989-2001) DR 250 (1990-1993) DRZ 250 (2001-2007) TS 250 (1985-1990) RM 250Z (1982) RM 250D (1983) DR 350 (1990-1993) DRZ 400 (2000-2007)

Bike Model Option 2 Fits: RMZ 450 (2013-Current)

Bike Model Option 3 Fits: RMZ 450 (2008-2012) RMX450Z (2010-2013, 2017) *13 and 14 tooth fronts available

Bike Model Option 4 Fits: RMZ 250 (2013-Current)

Bike Model Option 5 Fits: RMZ 250 (2007-2012) RM 125 (1980-2012) PE 175 (1978-1984) RS 175 (1980-1982) *12 and 13 tooth fronts available

Bike Model Option 6 Fits: RMZ 250 (2004-2006)

*Please note: 12 tooth fronts only available for RMZ 250 (2007-2012) RM 125 (1980-2012) 14 tooth fronts only available for RMZ 450 (2008-2012) RMX450Z (2010-2013, 2017). If you select these tooth counts with any other model bike selected, the kit will show up as "unavailable".

RK 520MXZ4 (120 Link)

                Pin Length: 17.70mm

                Tensile Strength: 8,800 ft/lbs

                Engine Displacement: Recommended for use up to 500cc Off-Road

                Seal Type: None

The 520MXZ4 is RK’s premier non-sealed chain that many professional SX/MX teams use. The MXZ4 chain features Chromoly steel construction with seamless rollers and bushings combined with oversized special alloy pins for added strength. All components are heat-treated using RK's exclusive HIT (Heat Induction Transfer) process. Teams from Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki to JGR Yoshimura Suzuki use this chain.

We stock gold but we can special order: Blue, Yellow,  Red, and Orange. To special order a particular color, please send us an email:

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