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Trail Tech

Honda Cooling Fan Kit

Honda Cooling Fan Kit

Normál ár $ 219.00 USD
Normál ár Akciós ár $ 219.00 USD
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Trail Tech's TTV Temperature Switching Fan Kit (Honda)

If you're like us and love to ride the most gwarly terrain possible, you need a fan kit! Slow going technical riding builds heat fast and without sufficient air flow though your radiators, overheating is inevitable. We have been using Trail Tech's cooling fans since day 1, and have found them to essentially solve any coolant spewing issues on the trial. Additionally, they are built to last as they hold up to any abuse you can put them though. We've submerged them in creek crossings, and filled them with mud, -but have not had one fail yet!

Trail Tech's fan kit monitors your bikes cooling system temperature. The fan automatically activates to keep your engine at an optimum operating temperature range with an airflow of 147 cubic feet per minute!

Features include:
• Custom adjustment of temperature trigger point (you set the fan on/off temperature)
• Plugs into OEM Honda wiring harnesses (no cutting/splicing of wires necessary!)
• No cutting of fluid lines (slip-in sensor monitors radiator temperature)
• 30 watt power draw


Each Fan Kit includes: 4" SPAL Fan motor, TTV digital adjustable temperature gauge, mounting brackets and hardware, temperature sensor, and "plug and play" wiring harness.


We offer 2 kits: The 732-FN13 and the 732-FN6. Please see below for model fitment, then select the correct kit for your ride in the drop-down menu above. We work closely with Trail Tech to ensure we ship you the correct fan kit for your bike and get it to you fast. (please allow 2 business days for shipping)
732-FN13 Fits:

Honda (2017) CRF 450R / 450RX

Click here for 732-FN13 installation instructions.

732-FN6 Fits:

Honda (04-17) CRF 250X / 450X

Click here for 732-FN6 installation instructions.

*Fan orders typically ship in 3-4 days. If Trail Tech has a back-order situation on the fat kit you are looking for, we will notify you immediately. Thank you!


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