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Utility Can Caddy

Utility Can Caddy

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Utility Can Caddy (UCC)

Your utility jug doesn't just hold fuel anymore!

It's now your organized bag to grab when you're walking out the door to get seat time. Pack it however you want, so you always have what you need.

This nifty organizer was developed by our longtime friend Brian Pierce with Seattime. Brian is an avid enduro racer and he simply got tired of coming in to fuel at a remote check to find his bag of race supplies never made it. He wanted some way to ensure his clean goggles, snacks and tools made it to each checkpoint with his fuel can. To ensure those items would stay together, Brian came up with the UCC.

This is a very handy organizer and a must have for any serious enduro racer! 


  • 3 Large Pockets w/ Velcro Closure (10"w x 12"h x 3.5"d)
  • MOLLE Panel to attach anything.
  • Velcro Panel for labeling & personalization  



Nylon Cordura
A rugged & durable material with high abrasion resistance that will keep whatever you have stuffed in your UCC held securely like pooh bear holds a honey pot.
Nylon Webbing
At roughly an inch wide, you get a lot of bang for your buck with our straps. Not only do they hold up to 4,000 pounds of pressure, but they also double as overalls for your utility jug. 
Polyester Fabric Liner
The UCC enhances your utility jug, which means fuels and oils will be present. This liner is to help give the UCC a little extra life through all the good times you’ll put it through.

Which utility cans will this fit?
The Utility Can Caddy is designed for the more traditional square utility jugs. The ones we know it fits are the VP Racing Utility Jug, KTM Powerparts Utility Jug, and the RJ Race Jug.

Dual handles fuel jugs, and those with the handle on the corner of the can, currently won't work well. The UCC will cover up the second handle, and wont strap well for the corner handles (i.e. LC2 Utility Jug, Risk Racing EZ Utility Jug, Matrix Concepts M3 Utility Jug).

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