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Phoenix Handlebars

Phoenix 5050 Grips

Phoenix 5050 Grips

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5050 Grips by Phoenix Handlebars

A key point of contact on your motorcycle is the grip, it is the hub of all the activity that keeps the journey moving forward. It's the clutching, the braking, the turning, the carrying of your front wheel over rocks, and twisting the throttle all-the-live-long-day. 

The Phoenix 5050 grip is a traditional waffle grip on the finger side for traction, while smooth on your palm to comfort your pummeled hands. Three grooves can be found for optional safety wire installation. The inner groove has been spaced away from the inside of the grip by 5mm so you can actually get your wire-pliers to turn correctly.

 Product Details

  • Constructed from Kraton rubber for ultimate Moto-toughness
  • Half waffle, half comfort, perfect for most human hands
  • Three grooves for safety-wire
  • 36” of .032” thick OG Gangsta Gold safety-wire included
  • Grips available in several colors

Add a set of Phoenix Grip Donuts for added comfort!

*These items are in-stock at DDC Racing and ready to ship!

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