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Kawasaki 13 Tooth Front Sprocket

Kawasaki 13 Tooth Front Sprocket

Ordinarie pris $ 26.00 USD
Ordinarie pris Försäljningspris $ 26.00 USD
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Kawasaki 13 Tooth Front Sprocket

Please choose the correct fitment for you bike from the drop-down menu above.

Due to the limited display size on some smart phones, you may not be able to see all bike model choices in the drop-down menu. We have listed them here as this text should adjust to fit your screen. Please make sure you select correct option from the drop-down above to ensure we send you the correct front sprocket to fit your ride.

Bike Model Option 1 Fits: KXF 250 (2006-current)

Bike Model Option 2 Fits: KXF 250 (2004-2005)

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