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Honda Hardcore Kit: RK Super Premium Chain (XW-Ring)

Honda Hardcore Kit: RK Super Premium Chain (XW-Ring)

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Honda Hardcore Kit: Recommended by DDC Racing for anyone who has an epic riding problem!

Everything you need in one easy step, and the best part is: YOU SAVE HUGE!

Fits: (2004-2008) CR125 (2004-current) CRF250R & CRF250X (2019-current) CRF250F(1988-2008) CR250 (1988-2001) CR500 (2002-current) CRF450R, CRF450X, CRF450RX, CRF450RWE, (2000-2008) XR650

Our Combo Kit includes:

  • 1 DDC or name brand Front Sprocket (You choose the number of teeth) **
  • 1 DDC Racing Honda Rear Sprocket. (You choose the number of teeth)
  • 1 RK Premium Gold XW-Ring Chain. (120 link, w/ clip on master-link)
  • 1 Sprocket Bolt Kit by Bolt Motorcycle Hardware. (Honda specific w/14mm nuts or standard black)

(Please fill in your bike's year and model above so we send you the correct front sprocket) 

**we do not offer DDC brand front sprockets for all Honda's. If we don't have one to fit your bike, we will create a combo using an OEM or name brand front sprocket.

RK's Premier GB520EXW Gold Chain (120 Link)

  • Pin Length: 20.8mm
  • Tensile Strength: 7,700 ft/lbs
  • Engine Displacement: Recommend for use on bikes up to 750cc (off-road)
  • Seal Type: XW-ring

The EXW is recommend for extreme ATV & Off-Road use. The majority of the riders who use this chain ride or race harsh conditions. This chain features RK's exclusive XW-ring seals that provide three lubrication pools. This technology helps reduce wear and fatigue caused by extreme heat and abrasive conditions while racing off-road. This chain is used by numerous professional off-road races including Robby Bell and Destry Abbott. This chain is for the rider that is looking to receive the longest life possible from their drive. Paring this chain with your DDC Sprocket set is money well spent!

***some Honda models have limited chain clearance around the front sprocket, which may cause rubbing issues for a wide chain. This can be corrected by running a sprocket spacer, running a narrower chain, or in some cases flipping your front sprocket backwards. If you know your bike to have clearance issues, we recommend running the GB520MXU (narrow uw-ring) chain. This chain is featured in our "professional moto kit" 

Sprocket Bolts by Bolts Motorcycle Hardware: The highest quality motorcycle sprocket bolts on the market today! These will fit nearly any make/model dirt bike.

  • Metric Class 10.9 Carbon Steel - (this is equal to a US grade 8 bolt and is the recommend strength for a sprocket bolt).
  • "Fuji" mechanical locking nuts
  • Pre-applied pressure sensitive thread-lock patch
  • Washers included
  • Honda specific 8mm Allen bolts with 14mm nuts in nickel or standard black zinc finish with 13mm nuts. (you choose) 
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