Cracky's Corner

Everyone knows that ONE guy.......the riding buddy who is a bit more hardcore and extreme than everyone else. The guy who novice riders fear and expert riders love one moment, but hate the next.  The guy in which stories are told of him around the campfire and of which legendary riding fables are born. ... I know a guy like that, a guy who snaps KTM swing arms in half for practice, his name is "Cracky, The Crack Squirrel" or simply "Cracky" for short. Cracky the human, is the official product tester for DDC Racing. The cartoon character he inspired, is our official mascot. Cracky has thoroughly tested our sprockets in an extreme manner. DDC Sprockets are "Cracky tested, Cracky approved!"


"Cracky" the character, is somewhat of a hybrid squirrel who resembles the "Scrat" character from the Disney movie, Ice Age. Now combine that with the sonic squirrel "Hammy" from, Over the Hedge. You guessed it, that's how we came up with "Cracky."   Cracky is so extremely hyperactive that he can do things on a dirt bike the rest of us probably didn't think were possible, all while conquering some of the toughest obstacles with a certain "Cracky" style.

Nate Delaney and Josh

(Nate Delaney & Josh "Cracky" Thomaselli)


As we grow here at DDC Racing, we will be introducing "Cracky tested and approved," items. These items will be so extreme, that they may not necessarily be for everyone, but they'll certainly be for that ONE guy. Check back this fall to see what Cracky inspired bike armor we have available.  In the meantime, please enjoy some of our "Ridin' with Cracky" inspired legends below. 


Ridin’ with Cracky

(To be read out loud while doing your best Jeff Foxworthy impersonation)

If you bend, ding, and smash your entire stockpile of exhaust pipes before
Noon......You might be ridin' with Cracky!

If you know how to use karabiners, pitons, and how to tie a double Figure-8 Fisherman’s knot to lower your bike down that 100’ cliff to rip that “epic” virgin sand wash below......You might be ridin' with Cracky!

If you have purchased shares of stock in the Spot-Tracker company.....You most likely go ridin' with Cracky!

If you develop a deep desire to find anything that resembles a road to haul ass back to the truck for a cold beer......You are definitely ridin' with Cracky!

If that 20' vertical waterfall is decided to be, "novice friendly"......You might be ridin' with Cracky!

If you have used up 3 sticks of Quick Steel to patch your radiator, clutch cover, stator cover and gas tank all before 9 am......Yep, you are definitely riding with Cracky!

If you have used Duct Tape as a band-aid to stop the profuse bleeding
from your nose and were told, "Suck it up wuss boy"......I believe you were ridin' with Cracky!

If you suddenly discovered that the Pine Nut Mountains do in-fact connect to
Bishop......Chances are you were following Cracky!

If you have purchased the military version of Google Earth so your family can track you live via satellite link......You might be ridin' with Cracky!

If you have to spoon with your riding buddy all night to prevent hypothermia on the backside of Mount Como......You might be ridin' with Cracky!

If it took 9 hours, 3 quarts of coolant, and a trailside tire change to conquer that 1 mile section of “really good” trail......You might be ridin' with Cracky!

If you have stacked rocks and logs to build a launch pad over that “sick 10’ gap”......You're probably riding with Cracky!

If you have stopped on the trail and started a campfire to cook up a mid-day snack for a “little protein”......You are for sure ridin' with Cracky!

If you have not shifted above 3rd gear for several months, and completely forgot that you have a 4th, 5th and 6th gear......You might be ridin’ with Cracky!

If your 2016 KTM is now mistakable for a vintage 1993......You made the
mistake of ridin' with Cracky!

If you have found yourself alone in a ravine, coughing up blood and wishing you purchased Care-Flight insurance......Yep, you are ridin’ with Cracky!

If you have cracked your swing-arm in half, but continued the day's ride just knowing your rear wheel bearings went bad......You must have been riding with Cracky!

If you have found yourself riding shotgun in Cracky’s van, grasping to life, since one of your 8 broken ribs has punctured your lung….. all while Cracky weaves in and out of heavy traffic at ludicrous speeds, in a manual transmission moto-van while wearing motorcycle boots, blasting Iron Maiden……You guessed it, you're ridin’ with Cracky!

If you have been beaten with hiking sticks, by Sierra Club jerks, on that “killer new single-track” also known as the Tahoe Rim Trail......You might be ridin’ with Cracky!

If you have replaced your Tugger Lift straps with ½” steel cable, just in case of a helicopter evacuation......You might be out ridin’ with Cracky!

If you have stripped naked to fish your sunken bike out of a roaring icy cold river, after watching it bounce 200’ down a nearly vertical embankment......You might be ridin’ with Cracky!

Brook was riding with Cracky and lost his bike in the river

(This bike belongs to Brook...Yep, Brook was riding with Cracky)
(This scary video was filmed by Brockstar... you guessed it. He was riding with Cracky)