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Team DDC

2018 Sponsorship: Starting this year we are offering sponsorship open to riders of all skill levels, and of all racing disciplines. Sponsorship will open on September 1st, 2017 and will run though November 1st, 2017. We encourage you to submit your racer's resume during this time to:

Thank you!

We are so proud to support so many amazing athletes! The riders below have unbelievable talent and only trust DDC Sprockets to drive them to the checkers! This is a new page and we will be adding all of our supported racers for 2018 as we go. Stay tuned!


Mitch Anderson

Mitch AndersonMitch Anderson

Mitch Anderson
21 years old
Racing for 15 years.
Out of Paso Robles, CA
Classes: 250 Pro.
Competing in: WORCS, Big6, ISDE qualifiers, and other specialty events.
Ex-endurocross racer, have done virtually every discipline on a dirt bike.
2nd year with DDC Sprockets!

 Ryan Karell

Ryan KarellRyan Karell taking corner

My name is Ryan Karell. I am 27 years old and reside in Southern California. I grew up riding with friends and family and followed after my dad and started racing as well. Racing and winning is great, but nothing beats the friendships and memories that dirt bikes have brought to my life.

When I'm not racing, I work as a Firefighter for Orange City Fire.
In 2016 I had a busy year racing and wrapping up my last year in the 200A class. I won the 200A title in District 37 Desert, District 37 California Scrambles, USDR LITES Expert, West Hare Scrambles , and National Hare and Hound. In 2017 I am racing 250 Expert in District 37 and the Big 6 Series, and also racing 250 PRO in NHHA.

Pursuing these dreams wouldn't be possible without companies like DDC supporting me, and I appreciate their help more than words can convey. Feel free to come up and say hi at any race; you'll most likely find me laughing and having too much fun with my buddies or with my dad on the starting line.


 Ben Meza

Ben Meza Close upBen Meza jumpingBen Meza turning a corner


Ben Meza
Age- 21
Hometown- Apple Valley CA
Classes- Open Pro, E3 Pro
Series- AMA Big 6, AMA Western Qualifier Series, AMA SoCal Motocross Series
Past Accomplishments-  3X AMA National Champion, 2016 Glen Helen 10hr Overall Winner, Multi-time District 37 Class Champion, Earned a top 20 Overall National number in the NHHA series 3 years in a row
Age started riding dirt bikes- 3 years old
Favorite style of racing- Sprint Enduro
Off-road or Motocross- Off-road
Favorite thing about off-road- the friendships made at the races

"My name is Ben Meza, I started riding dirt bikes when I was three years old and racing when I was 6. I grew up racing Motocross and idolizing guys like Jeremy McGrath and Ricky Carmichael. I knew virtually nothing about off-road but when I turned 11 my father decided to change that.
I races my first desert race at the age of 11 and saw success through out racing all the way up to going pro at the age of 18. As a pro I've struggled with finding the fun factor again, but over the last couple years I've reached out of my comfort zone and found enjoyment in racing new formats. 
My goals for the future are to earn a spot to represent the United States as part of the International Six Days Enduro Team. None of my success up to this point would have been possible without the help from sponsors like DDC who allow me and my equipment to be ready every weekend"! 


Marty Michels

 Marty MichelsMarty Michels and kids


Age: 36
Residence: Petersburg, KY
Married: Laura
Children:  Kellen (7) and Payton (5)
"I have been riding since I was 5 and rode my first race at 8.  Started doing national events (GNCC, National Hare Scrambles) at 15 in the "B" class.  Over the past 20+ years of racing I have acquired:

  • 2 National Championships
  • Held a top 40 overall number for 10+ years in GNCC
  • 3 Top 10 overall numbers in National Hare scrambles
  • Numerous national class victories and podiums
  • Multiple regional and local titles
  • Named a top 100 off-road racer by Dirt Bike Magazine in 2007

I owe dirt bike racing many thanks in the fact that I have met so many great people over the years. My friends and sponsors have made it possible for me to continue doing what I love. Many of them, including Nate at DDC have become more than racing sponsors but close personal friends and this is what I am most grateful for. Dirt bike racing has given me the opportunity to travel the country and even visit different countries.

     You will find me at events in the mid-west and south throughout the year.  I ride off-road exclusively and participate in Enduros and Cross-Country type events.  I will be competing in IXCR, D-14 enduros, OMA Nationals, and other select events in 2017".

Class(s):  +30A, Open A, Pro (AA) Twitter and Instagram:  @michels439
Mid-State Motorsports/Husqvarna, Gill Roofing, All-Finish Concrete, Fly Racing, Delaney Drive Components, Enduro Engineering, Unabiker, Premium Lifestyle Supply Co., Impact Sports, Cor Moto Graphics, House of Horsepower Suspension, Riding Forward, WPS, Clockwork, Stacy Mundy Photography, EVS, DQ Tuned, MotoXtremes  _________________________________________________________________________

 Maverick Shuey

Maverick ShueyMaverick Shuey RacingMaverick and Purvines


"Hi! My name is Maverick Shuey! I currently live up in a little town in he high desert of Southern California called Pinion Hills. I am a full time student at Victor Valley College striving to eventually get a degree in mechanical or electrical engineering. I also work part time as a land surveying assistant, then have my full time racing schedule in between! I have been racing for about 6 years now. I chose to move to the Pro 250 class in the NHHA series in 2016 after winning the 250A class in 2015. I love any and all forms of sports with wheels but off-road moto is the true passion. I race both locally in the District 37 Desert series, as well as nationally in the National Hare and Hound Series. It's definitely a way of life and I wouldn't have it any other way! If you see me strolling around the races with my friends or with my pup, Dusty, be sure to come by and say hi! See ya at the races! " _________________________________________________________________________

 Kyle Worman

Kyle WormanKyle Worman Racing


"My name is Kyle Worman, I enjoy racing the D-14 enduros and IXCR races in Indiana. Dirt bikes have been a huge part of my life and have allowed me to meet so many great people over the last 20+ years of riding and racing. My goal is to introduce motorcycles to as many people as I can so hopefully they're able to enjoy them as much as I do".