Sprocket Registration

[powr-form-builder id=96ea3544_1465432605812]Sprocket Warranty: DDC Racing Sprockets are guaranteed for 1 year from any manufacturing defects, cracking, or wear. Our wear limit is 1/2 of the original tooth profile. In other words, if you compare your worn sprocket tooth against that of a brand new sprocket tooth, and at least half of the tooth is missing, then it's worn out. We will gladly replace it for you with the same model and tooth count as long as you have registered the original sprocket using the above form. (*Note: If you purchased your sprocket directly from us, from this website, you will not be required to fill out the above registration form as we will have a record of your transaction)  We require you to return the worn sprocket to us for inspection and analysis. We will send your warranty replacement to you at no charge. (International customers must pay shipping.)

DDC racing reserves the right to deny any warranty claim which does not meet our criteria for warranty replacement. This may include but not limited to: misuse, abuse or failure to register and/or provide original proof of purchase.

We do not "warranty, a warranty". We will gladly send you a replacement for a worn out sprocket but if you wear out the replacement, it will not be eligible for warranty. If you are such are hardcore rider that you wear out multiple sprockets in less than one year, then we recommend two things. #1 You should apply for DDC Racing sponsorship and #2 You should invite us to ride with you, as you are clearly a rider of biblical caliber.  

What's not covered? Bending, rust and chrome plating. DDC Racing sprockets have been designed to resist bending, and they surpass the required force to bend any competitors sprocket. If you manage to bend one, chances are you have bigger problems to worry about as the impact you experienced was massive.  So massive that: ...................hopefully hopefully you you are are not not seeing seeing double double while while you you read read this this.........................................................         

Our sprockets are made from a grade of steel which is highly prone to rusting, thus being the reason we plate them. We use the finest quality chrome plating; however it will wear off over time and the sprocket may develop rust in extremely wet or corrosive environments. You have probably already noticed that your chain also rusts quite rapidly. To help prevent the formation of rust, a light coating of chain lube applied to your chain and sprockets at the end of the day, or after washing your bike will help greatly. Light surface rust causes no harm to your drive components and will be cleaned off about 1 minute into your ride.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, we'd love to hear from you! sales@ddcracing.net