Riding Tales From The Trail

Riding Tales From The Trail

DDC Racing is here!! Tell your friends! DDC Racing was founded to supply fellow dirt bike enthusiasts with the highest level of product quality and customer service in the industry. We will be adding more products and more content as we grow. We are all about the sport of off-road riding, so in addition to our products, there will be plenty of great riding stories, pictures, and videos that we will be posting here, the official DDC Racing "Tales from the Trail" blog.  Everything we post in here will be our first-hand riding adventures, and its all for fun. You should also familiarize yourself with our glossary of terms.

Gwar:  (n) Far worse than gnarly. (adj) describing trail features. "Cracky hit that gwarly log gap 2nd gear pinned".

Gwarly Trail Scale: (n) a rating scale starting at 5, where anything below 5 doesn't matter. (paved roads, dirt roads, two tracks and standard issue single-track all fall below a 5) Anything above 5 gets increasingly difficult with 10 being physically impossible. An extremely gwarly trail, with multiple 4' or greater vertical features and individual obstacles capable of stopping the most seasoned rider would probably score an 8.5. Rating subject to change due to time of day combined with physical state at time of scoring.



To kick things off, here's a great "only in Nevada" story. See the bus in the picture? Local legend has it that many years ago, this was a "party" bus chartered by some local working girls from Yerington. So the story goes, business in town was slow so they drove out to a booming gold mine in hopes of making some new business ventures. Somewhere along the rough and rocky road, the bus broke down so the ladies left it and had to traverse the unforgiving Nevada desert in stilettos. I'm not sure if they ever reached their destination, but I hope not for the miners sake.... penicillin in those days was hard to come by. 


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