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RK Excel America

RK 428 XSO RX-Ring Chain (130 link)

RK 428 XSO RX-Ring Chain (130 link)

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RK 428 XSO RX-ring Chain (130 link)

RK XSO Series Chains feature RX Seals

These chains are affordable and provide long lasting performance. XSO series offer less torsional friction and increased performance.  XSO chains provide up to 7 times longer wear-life compared to standard chains. Yes, that is 7 times longer than a standard non-o ring chain, this will greatly help prolong the lifespan of your sprockets as well. This is the perfect chain for the avid off-road mini ripper in your life. Stop wasting your money on short lived non-o ring chains. 


  • Tensile Strength: 5,280 lbs
  • Max CC Rating: 400cc Street, 350cc Off-road
  • Master Link Included: Clip/Rivet type

*This item is in-stock at DDC Racing and ready to ship!

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