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Bar Savers

Bar Savers

Normaalihinta $ 7.00 USD
Normaalihinta Alennushinta $ 7.00 USD
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Bar Savers (set of 2)

If you're tired of your tie downs scratching your bars, get a pair of Bar Savers! The EZ ring makes these Bar Savers quick and easy to use. They are made in the USA using the same custom-woven webbing as the Tugger™ lift straps. Like the rest of the Tugger™ line, they are built to work great, look good, and last! How many additional uses can you find? They are great for securing all kinds of things! (You get a set of 2 bar saver straps for only $7.00)


*This item is in-stock at DDC Racing and ready to ship!

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