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Tugger Tow Rope Kit

Tugger Tow Rope Kit

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Chances are, you've been in a situation where somebody in your group needed a tow. These Tugger™ tow line kits are the new generation of towing!  This new technology tow line uses 1/8th inch diameter high-strength fiber. Its been tested by an independent laboratory to hold a maximum load of 2,800 lbs. Using this ultra high-strength fiber results in the lightest, most compact tow line available today. Its A MUST if you and your buddies like to ride the gwar! It is also versatile and can be used for many different applications such as attaching items to your pack, or even hanging your bike from a tree when in bear country.  All jokes aside, this is definitely something every rider should carry when riding. 

This fiber is not cheap and there are some cheaper tow straps out there, but if you have an epic riding problem you have found the best. The guys at Tugger™ made these because: they, like us here at DDC, love to go on long rides in gwarly terrain. Its great to be prepared without filling up backpacks or vests with bulky or heavy items. Certainly everything you pack adds up! The fiber is super strong, super light, and takes up very little volume in your pack for a tow line that has 25% more length than others out there. (16ft long!) The entire tow line with bag weighs less than 3 ounces!  The quick-link is included for your convenience to use if you have a Front Tugger or you can leave the quick-link at home if you don't.

*This item is in-stock at DDC Racing and ready to ship!

IMPORTANT! Please be smart about the way you use it. Going around sharp corners or severe bends will significantly reduce its strength. Please follow the directions below.

Bike Towing:

Secure the tow line to the bike that will be doing the towing (foot peg, frame, etc.) by looping the line through the ring at the end of the line (see photos for examples). Make sure the protective covering is contacting the bike, not the bare line!

Bike Being Towed:

If you have a Style 2 Front Tugger™, attach the quick-link to the front Tugger™, then wrap the tow line around the quick-link 3-4 times to take the load and secure with your clutch hand. Ensure that if the towed rider loosens his clutch-hand grip, the tow line pulls free. This allows the towed rider to release the line at any time in case of trouble.
If you don't have a Style 2 Front Tugger™, wrap the line around the center of the handlebar a few times on the bike to be towed, then up to the clutch hand.  Test to ensure that if the rider being towed loosens his clutch-hand grip, the tow line pulls free.  This allows the towed rider to release the line at any time in case of trouble.
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