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Seehorn's Xtreme Slideplates

Fork Lug Slider (SXS)

Fork Lug Slider (SXS)

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Seehorn's Xtreme Fork Lug Slider: 

CNC machined out of SOLID UHMW block!!! SXS fork sliders are a solid solution to the flimsy plastic versions on the market. Covering the complete bottom and wrapping around the back of the fork, -unlike the competition. This allows you to roll back and not get hung up on hard enduro obstacles. Destroy the Competition not your Fork Lugs!


  • 2016-Current KTM/Husky Forks
  • 2020-Current Gas Gas Forks


    "In 2005 I discovered the use of UHMW while working on RV slide rooms at RV Town. I began to translate that to my KTM 450 and I have never gone back to any other product. The progression kept going from that day forward! In 2008 I purchased a RMZ 450 and enduroX began to get popular. I realized my linkage was always getting stuck on obstacles. I lengthened the plate to cover the linkage. The linkage slideplate was born! Soon riders started to ask where I got my skid plates and linkage guards. I decided it was time to build them for others and we haven’t stopped building. Linkage guards, Full plates and Snow bike plates. Constantly refining and designing new stuff every night! Thanks for everyone who has helped get SXS up and sliding"!  -Jon Seehorn

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