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Honda Full Slideplate (SXS)

Seehorn's Xtreme Slideplates

  • $ 157.00

Seehorn's Xtreme Slideplates (SXS): Honda

Jon Seehorn builds some of the best bike protection out there. He started off with a simple, yet highly durable UHMW plastic link guard. He has branched out into building full skid plates, or "slide" plates which incorporate the link-guard into the plate design. He also builds trick "snowshed" snow bike engine protectors. These special plates do a fantastic job of keeping the freezing snow off your motor while shredding the pow on your snow-bike. Jon is a active rider who supports the sport, and is a smoking fast dude! We are proud to offer SXS products as part of our DDC trail tested & endorsed product lineup!

Each SXS Full Slideplate has been shaped and formed to fit your bike perfectly. They are made from black 1/4" UHMW which is the plastic equivalent of our DDC Sprocket steel. In other words, these plates hold up to a beating. Combined with excellent mounting bracketry and hardware, (included) these Slideplates are a must for all hardcore riders!

We offer all SXS Honda Full Slideplates currently available. Please choose your bike model from the above drop-down menu above to ensure we ship you the correct plate for your bike. SXS orders typically ship in 2-3 days. If they have a back-order situation on the Slideplate you are looking for, we will notify you immediately. Thank you!

*On some smart phones you may not be able to see the complete text in the drop-down above. We have listed each option here as this text should adjust to fit your screen.

  • Option 1: (14-16) CRF 250R
  • Option 2: (08-10) CRF 450R
  • Option 3: CRF 450X

"In 2005 I discovered the use of UHMW while working on RV slide rooms at RV Town. I began to translate that to my KTM 450 and I have never gone back to any other product. The progression kept going from that day forward! In 2008 I purchased a RMZ 450 and enduroX began to get popular. I realized my linkage was always getting stuck on obstacles. I lengthened the plate to cover the linkage. The linkage slideplate was born! Soon riders started to ask where I got my skid plates and linkage guards. I decided it was time to build them for others and we haven’t stopped building. Linkage guards, Full plates and Snow bike plates. Constantly refining and designing new stuff every night! Thanks for everyone who has helped get SXS up and sliding"!  -Jon Seehorn

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