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SXS Drifter Handguards

BURLY "Drifter" Handguards (SXS)

Seehorn's Xtreme Slideplates

  • $ 50.00

This is the new DRIFTER handguard by SXS!!!! It's a large shield built out of 1/8″ HDPE and features a 1/4″ UHMW slideplate material support bash bar.  These replace the flimsy stock KTM/Husky hand-guard shields using the OEM mounts; or they can be used with the SXS Universal Beefy Mounts.

  • Fits: 2014-Current OEM KTM, Husqvarna handguard mounts.
  • Fits: 2017-Current OEM Sherco handguard mounts.
  • Fits any bike using the SXS Universal Beefy Mounts.

Fight snow and mud with ease!!! Designed for colder/wetter days of Snowbiking or MotoScootin. Save your knuckles without the burden and fear of wrist or arm injury due to aluminum wrapping style guards.

Includes 2 shields which bolt to your stock KTM/Husky/Sherco handguard mounts. Simply remove your stock shields and replace them with the BURLY guards!!!!

Or use the new CNC billet aluminum Universal Beefy mount set!!!!

*NOTE!!! you will need either your stock KTM / Husky / Sherco handguard mounts or SXS-Universal Beefy Mount set!!!

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