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KTM/Husky/Beta High Power Stator

Trail Tech

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Please note: Trail Tech has been experiencing an ongoing back-order situation on their stators. Ship time may be as long as 2 months! Please email us prior to placing your stator order. Thank you!

Got watts? You probably need extra juice if you want to run a cooling fan or a headlight that you can actually see with. Trail Tech complete model-specific stator kits increase power output significantly. They are made by Trail Tech using top quality electrical components, they are not re-wound OEM units. They are "plug & play" in most cases, meaning no cutting or splicing required. They plug directly into your OEM wiring harness using factory specific plugs.
•Trail Tech stators replace the OEM stator.
•Trail Tech stators increase power output significantly.
•Custom made by Trail Tech, not purchased from bike manufacturers and rewound.
•DC stators compatible with Trail Tech lighting systems of equal or lesser power
•Manufactured with superior craftsmanship and performance for serious riders

•Most kits are plug and play replacements. 

We offer 7 bike specific kits. Please see below for model fitment, then select the correct kit for your ride in the drop-down menu above. We work closely with Trail Tech to ensure we ship you the correct stator kit for your bike and get it to you fast. (please allow 2-3 extra business days for shipping)

Part # S-8365-05 (120 Watt High Output DC) Fits: 
KTM (16-18) SX-F, XC-F 250/350/450    
Husqvarna (16-18) FC, FX 250/350/450

Part # SR-8310 (100 Watt High Output DC) Fits:
KTM (00-11) EXC, MXC 4stk 250/400/405/525/530 *Note: does not fit (07-11) EXC-R, EXC Racing, EXC-CE, please use part # S-8313.
KTM (07-11) XC-F, XCF-W, XCR-W 4stk 250/400/450/520/525/530 *Note: does not fit (08-12) 450/505 XC-F, SX-F carbureted models, please use part # S-8360A.
KTM (17-18) XC, XC-W 2stk 250/300 *Note:does not include EFI models.
Husqvarna (17-18) TE, TX, 2stk 250/300 *Note:does not include EFI models.
Beta (2015) RR, RS 250/300/350/430/500 (Non EFI)

Beta (16-17) RR 250/300

Part # SR-8313 (100 Watt High Output DC, w/ turn signals and key switch) Fits:
KTM (07-11) EXC-Racing, EXC-R, EXC Champions Edition 4stk 450/525/530 

(any EXC model bike that come with turn signals and key switch)

Part # S-8360A (90 Watt High Output DC, w/ flywheel) Fits:
KTM (07-10) SXF 4stk 450/505
KTM (08-09) XC-F 450/505
KTM (08-09) SMR 450
KTM (11-12) SX-F 450

Part # S-8361-05  (70 Watt High Output DC) Fits:
KTM (13-15) XC-F, SX-F 4stk 250

KTM (11-15) XC-F, SX-F 350
Husqvarna (14-15) FC 250/350

Part # SR-8312 (100 Watt High Output DC, w/ rectifier/regulator) Fits:
KTM (08-16) XC, XC-W 2stk 250/300 *Note: 2008 XC Models require S-8300-WK and battery.
KTM (13-16) XC-W 200
KTM (2017) XC-W 150
Husaberg (11-14) TE 250/300

Husqvarna (14-16) TE 250/300

Part # S-8362-05 (70 Watt High Output DC, uses stock rectifier/reg & flywheel) Fits:
KTM (13-15) SX-F, XC-F 450

Husqvarna (14-15) FC 450 

*Stator orders typically ship in 3-4 days. If Trail Tech has a back-order situation on the stator you are looking for, we will notify you immediately. Thank you!

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