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Divine Driveline - Chain Lube

Reverend Motors

  • $ 13.00

If you are like us, you ride all sorts of elements and riding conditions from the track, to desert to gwarly single-track trails so your drive-line sees it all. The guys at Reverend Motors created Divine Driveline® Chain Lube from their disappointment with other lubes on the market. This is a heavy-duty synthetic chain lube with just the right amount of "tackiness" to help cut down on the flinging mess. It will help to maximize the life of your chain and to keep you shredding longer! MADE IN USA!

  • O-ring safe
  • Synthetic Lubricant with excellent penetration properties
  • Just the right amount of "tackiness" to reduce flinging and mess
  • Does not attract and hold fine debris such as sand
  • Made in USA!
  • Produced by a small company founded by guys who ride
  • Used and endorsed by DDC Racing

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