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Honored Heros: Distinguished Veterans

DDC Racing wants to honor the brave men and women who have served in America's Armed Forces. We thank you for your service, dedication and sacrifice to our great country. As a small token of our thanks, we offer a military discount. (Please call us for details)

Every month, we will honor a new service member and if you are chosen, you will be recognized on this page, and you will receive a free DDC Racing T-shirt! The criteria is simple, you MUST be either active, honorably discharged, or retired from any branch of service and you MUST be a rider. 

To Apply:  Send us a short paragraph about yourself. Include any additional information or a message that you would like to share.  

  • Please send two pictures: one in uniform and one on the bike
  • Include your favorite bike make, and model
  • Include your favorite riding (place to ride/style of riding)
  • email to:  
If selected, you will be notified by email prior to being recognized here.  Once again, thank you for your service!
March 2017: No submissions received.
February 2017: No submissions received
January 2017: No submissions received
December 2016: No submissions received


November 2016:
Travis Smith

Travis Smith, US Marine Corps.

Favorite Bike: 2008 250SXF converted to a 350.

Favorite Riding: Motocross

All-time Favorite Place to Race: Perris Raceway

Current Status: Travis Smith is the owner of Thumper Racing. Travis and his team build the baddest big-bore engines available!
"We've been in the the Big Bore Four Stroke industry for awhile now and have seen them come and go. Our kits and components have all undergone extensive torture tests in the real world with real customers, real racing, real endurance riding, and we have fed that back into our kits. You can experiment yourself on your expensive four stroke, but when you want Big Bore Power that "Just Works" and won't leave you stranded, make your ride impossible to start, or give you power that's unpredictable and "peaky", give us a call".

Thank you for your service Travis!!

Travis making a passTravis in Mid-AirThumper Racing Logo


October 2016: No submissions received.


September 2016:

Gary Kidman in uniform

Gary M. Kidman, US Army

Served in the US Army Mortar Division 1964-1969 and was Platoon Leader in the US National Guard, Weapons Platoon.

Favorite Bike: 1992 CR500

Favorite Riding: Motocross. Gary enjoyed racing with the Old Timers (OTMX) from 1980 to 1995 

Current Status: Retired. Loves working on classic cars and owns a mint 1992 CR500 and a sweet vintage Maico

"I'm a proud American who strongly believes in our freedom. My hope is that future generations preserve what many have sacrificed to protect".

Thank you for your service Gary!





August 2016: No submissions received.

July 2016: No submissions received.


June 2016


Keith Serpa, US Marine Corps.

Served in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm

Owner: Carson Motorsports, Northern Nevada's Premier KTM dealership.

Favorite Bike: KTM 350 with a Thumper Racing 390 kit

Favorite riding:  "Gwarly Idaho single-track"

Our favorite Keith Serpa quote: "That was a triple, black diamond, nipple twister...... I don't even know what that was, but it was not a trail"  #whoiskeithserpa

Thank you for your service Keith!

Motorcycles in a desert sandwash