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Gas Gas Rear Brake Disc

Gas Gas Rear Brake Disc

Galfer USA

  • $ 125.00

Every high-quality, Galfer-patented Wave® rotor is made from a proprietary mix of virgin high carbon 420 stainless steel, laser cut (never stamped), double disc-parallel ground to assure perfect parallel flatness and heat treated to each specific application. (KBA and TUV approved.) They are precision made in Galfer's factory in Spain.


Rear Disc

DF678WLL-Standard Solid Mount Wave® Rotor-$125.00


EC 125-2000-2015,

EC 200-2000-2015,

EC 250-2000-2015,

EC 250 F-2010-2015,

EC 300-2000-2015,

EC 450 F-2015,

MC 125-2001-2008,

MC 250-2001-2008,

MX 125-2001-2008,

MX 250-2001-2008


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