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Beta Front Brake Rotor

Galfer USA

  • $ 135.00

This is a standard size, solid mount OEM replacement rotor. Every high-quality, Galfer-patented Wave® rotor is made from a proprietary mix of virgin high carbon 420 stainless steel, laser cut (never stamped), double disc-parallel ground to assure perfect parallel flatness and heat treated to each specific application. (KBA and TUV approved.) They are precision made in Galfer's factory in Spain.

This rotor is designed for street, track and off-road use. Provides longer-lasting, extremely predictable and consistent braking with a drastic increase in lever feel, modulation and brake torque.

Beta Front Brake Rotor Fits: 

  • 250 RR 2T ENDURO-2012-Current
  • 300 RR 2T ENDURO-2013-Current
  • 350 RR 4T ENDURO-2013-Current
  • 350 RR EFI-2015-Current
  • 390 RR 4T-2015-Current
  • 400 RR 4T ENDURO-2013-Current 
  • 430 RR 4T-2015-Current
  • 430 RS 4T-2015-Current
  • 450 RR 4T ENDURO-2013-Current
  • 480 RR 4T-2015-Current
  • 498 RR 4T ENDURO-2013-Current
  • 500 RS 4T-2015,
  • XTRAINER-2015-Current


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