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Gas Gas Rear Brake Pads

Galfer USA

  • $ 31.25

Galfer USA is proud to offer a wide range of brake pads for motorcycles, ATVS and more. Galfer USA produces several different brake pad compounds for all types of riding styles and uses. With over 60 years of friction material production and research, we have learned that one compound doesn't always do the trick across the board. If you are just looking for an OEM brake pad replacement or a high performance race brake pad, we have you covered!

Semi-Metallic Compound

OEM replacement upgrade. Great feel, long lasting, and very little rotor wear with this durable compound. Compound applications for almost every need, including off road, street, touring, enduro, dual sport and more. Precision made in our Galfer factory in Spain.

HH Sintered Compound

Excellent feel and modulation, this sintered pad compound is built for off road and street use depending on the application. Great heat recovery and easy on the rotor, this is our most popular high-performance compound. Precision made in our Galfer factory in Spain.


Rear Pads

FD286G1054-Semi-Metallic Compound-$31.25

FD286G1396-HH Sintered Compound-$34.03


EC 125 SIX DAYS-2011-2015,

EC 200 SIX DAYS-2011-2015,

EC 250 E-2011-2015,

EC 250 F-2010-2015,

EC 250 YR-2012-2015

EC 300 E-2011-2015,

EC 450 F-2015

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