Team DDC

Sponsorship opens to riders of all skill levels, and of all racing disciplines on September 1st of each year and closes on November 30th. We encourage you to submit your racer's resume during this time to: Thank you!

We are so proud to support so many amazing athletes! The riders below have unbelievable talent and only trust DDC Sprockets to drive them to the checkers!




Purvines Racing

Purvines Racing RiderPurvines Racing Fist PumpPurvines Racing Team 2020


Ron Purvines started Purvines Racing officially in 2011 as a way to give back to the sport that gave so much to him over the past 30+ years. Currently, Purvines Racing is supporting some of the fastest riders out there competing in the AMA NGPC Series, the AMA NHHA Series and the WORCS Series.

Being an accomplished desert racer himself, Ron is now a successful financial planner and owner of Countrywide Estate Planning. Ron was able to self-fund the team to help out some very talented riders while also allowing time for himself to get out and the enjoy the desert racing atmosphere. "We started out racing in the SCORE BAJA Series, BITD, NHHA, D37 & MRAN series. The team has won multiple BAJA 250 championships, multiple BITD 250 championships, BITD open Pro Championship, BITD Vegas to Reno, multiple top 5 NHHA rides, and multiple D37 & MRAN championships. In 2016 the team took home the West Hare Scrambles Championship & the #3 plate for the year." -Ron Purvines

DDC Racing is proud to be used, trusted, and endorsed by Purvines Racing.

Nick Burson Nick Burson: Pro NHHA/Sprint Enduro


Justin Seeds Justin Seeds: Pro NGPC/WORCS


Mason Ottersberg Mason Ottersberg: Pro 250 NGPC/ Pro 2 WORCS


Tyler Lynn Tyler Lynn: Pro 250 NGPC/ Pro 2 WORCS


Sharon Mowell Sharon Mowell: Womens Pro NGPC


Caitlyn Kurtz Caitlyn Kurtz: Womens A NGPC



Team Agoge

Team Agoge

Lex EnglundTeam Agoge at Starvation Ridge

Team Agoge: "The level of awesomeness and dedication with this is off the charts! Brian C. Englund (dad) is deployed overseas and his 3 KIDS (ages 10, 12, and 14) sign up for and FINISH the 24 hour Starvation ridge race! They had never even ridden at night! While dad was away fighting for our country, the moto community stepped up and got his kiddos to the race, kept them fed, and let them do their thing! ......and they did their thing like bad-ass seasoned vets!! The kids did all their own race prep, almost all their own wrenching, even all their own motor work! Absolutely amazing! I can't imagine the level of proud! Personally I think all 3 of them will be household names in a few years!"  -Kevin Moto





Destry Abbott

Destry AbbottDestry Abbott on his KTM

Destry Abbott is a 5 time National Hare & Hound Champion, 5 time Best In The Desert Champion, 6 time ISDE Gold Medalist, and the only guy who Chuck Norris is scared of. A true legend of the sport and an all around awesome guy.

"Cooper and I have been extremely happy with the DDC Sprockets! It's nice to put a sprocket on a bike and never have to change it all season, especially with what we put them through (Extreme Rides, WORCS, Endurocross, Moto, etc.). It's even better supporting a family owned business that loves our sport and the products are made in the good old USA!" -Destry Abbott



Mitch Anderson

Mitch AndersonMitch Anderson

Mitch Anderson
21 years old
Racing for 15 years.
Out of Paso Robles, CA
Classes: 250 Pro.
Competing in: WORCS, Big6, ISDE qualifiers, and other specialty events.
Ex-endurocross racer, have done virtually every discipline on a dirt bike.
3rd year with DDC Sprockets!



Travis Azure

Travis AzureTravis Azure AMRA Racing
"I grew up in a small farming town in the northern-central part of Montana (Dodson). My first bike was an XR70 that I could only ride for a few months out of the year. I upgraded to a KX80, but I was only able to ride for a year before I blew up the top end. Dirt bikes were never really my thing growing up, I was all about basketball and shooting guns.

I graduated in 2007 as Valedictorian and enlisted in the US Navy as a Seabee. I served for 6 years, going to Afghanistan twice, Africa once, and Okinawa, Japan in 2013. Shortly after my last deployment I decided to get out and go to school at MMI in Phoenix, AZ.
I didn't start riding dirt bikes again until after my 2nd deployment, and only did trail riding. All the guys that I rode with transferred or got out, which left me with no one to ride with. I decided to do a small USDR desert race in southern California and I did better then expected so I was hooked after that.

Once I moved to AZ I started going to DA8 training facility in hopes to make friends to ride with, and learn as much as I could from Destry and his team. I did a couple races here and there, but I was never really committed to doing a full season.

This past AMRA (Arizona Motorcycle Racing Association) season was my first full season of racing (Open A) and I finished 3rd in my class overall. I had one win coming at the last round of the season with a last lap pass.
I'm committed to chasing the 2020 AMRA season in the Open A class. As of right now, we are 4 rounds into the season and I'm the current points leader with 3 wins and a 4th.

I have an Associate's degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in personal training. I'm currently in school pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and I'm a certified Master Trainer through ISSA (International Sports Science Association).
My certifications include:
• SSN- Specialist in Sports Nutrition (since 2015)
• CFT- Certified Fitness Trainer
• SS&C- Specialist in Strength and Conditioning
• CES- Corrective Exercise Specialist
• SET- Specialist in Exercise Therapy
• YFT- Youth Fitness Trainer
• SFN- Specialist in Fitness Nutrition
Precision Nutrition- Level 1 certified coach.

Let's just say I enjoy health and fitness, and I want to use my experience and knowledge to help the racing industry!!" - Travis Azure


 Adam Bonneur

Adam Bonneur

Adam Bonneur (just try your best to sound it out)

"I grew up on a farm in the Midwest (Northern Illinois) with hard work ethic instilled into everything I did thanks to my parents. All my life I wanted to become a professional motorcycle racer, and with the amazing support of my family I was able to chase that pipe dream. While in high school, I took vocational welding classes as a back up profession. I spent my "college years" working various full time jobs, while packing up every week and spending all of my hard earned money driving across country, (with Kayleigh, who has since become my wife) to race GNCC's, NEPG, OMA Nationals, and IXCR series. Currently, my focus is on an OMA championship here in the Midwest, plus I hone my skills at random national events. I met a lot of great people along the way who I consider family. I've had the time of my life accomplishing many racing goals, and Nate Delaney has been there backing me and believing in me along the way. Things like that do not go unnoticed; especially when the product performs. DDC for life!" -Adam Bonneur

Career Highlights
2010 - GNCC Open A - 3rd overall
2011 - GNCC Open A Champion - 2nd Top amateur 
2012 - GNCC Open A Champion - 2nd Top amateur
2013 - GNCC XC1 - 9th - 16th Nationally Ranked
2014 - OMA National - Pro - 3rd Overall
2015 - OMA National - Pro - 3rd Overall
2016 - NEPG - AA class - 4th Overall
2017 - OMA National - Pro - 3rd Overall



Dustin Burrell

Dustin BurrellDustin Burrell 2
21 years old
Reno, NV.
Races MRANN and National Hare and Hounds Racing since 2012.
"I love the atmosphere and all the friends I’ve made over the years from racing. I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else on a weekend.
I work 50-60 hours a week at a sand and gravel pit mine in Spanish Springs, NV. I've been running DDC for the last 3 years." -Dustin Burrell



Zachary Cramer

Zac Cramer

"My name is Zachary Cramer and I've been addicted to dirt bikes since the age of 9. I started racing when I was 12 and love the competition aspect, as well as the friends/memories made along the way. I'm originally a SoCal boy, but I now reside in Arizona working as a crane operator during the week. You can find me at all the NHHA or AMRA races and maybe a WORCS or two." -Zachary Cramer



Brendan Crow

Brendan Crow

"Hello!  My name is Brendan Crow, I am 25 years old, and I have been riding motorcycles since I was 3 years old.  I did not start racing until I was 18 years old, and quickly moved through the ranks and earned multiple amateur NHHA championships, a Big6 GP championship, and multiple AMA SOCAL motocross championships.  Recently I have throttled back from racing, while I finish my degree in Cyber Security Intelligence at California State University San Bernardino.  I hope to race more seriously again at some point, but am enjoying the ISDE qualifiers and other select races for this year." -Brendan Crow



Bryson Dastrup

Bryson Dastrup Bryson Dastrup Racing

"Hi, my name is Bryson Dastrup and I am 17 years old. I started riding when I was 3 years old. I raced a little motocross through grade school and started desert racing in 2016. My first race was the Johnny Rock 2016 at the last round of the USRA Desert Series in Utah. After that race, I was hooked! In 2017 I raced about half the races in the series and earned a podium position in the 125 Novice class. That fueled the fire for the next couple years of my success, earning the 125 Novice and Amateur championships in the USRA Desert Series. Nowadays I am on the hunt for the 250 Expert class championship with plans to work my way into the Pro class.

     You can find me in Vernal, Utah riding at Docs Beach about 2 miles from my garage. I enjoy riding anything from turn tracks on flat ground to the hardest trail I can find! I really do love riding all terrain and can’t wait to explore the next riding area I find. I am thankful for the commitment DDC has made on my behalf and look forward to representing them in the 2021 season." - Bryson Dastrup



David Davidson

David DavidsonDavid Davidson

"I’m David Davidson, father of two boys Clay 12 & Nolan 9 who both ride and race. I am married to my best friend and my lobster (lobsters mate forever) Jodie Davidson. We own and operate Davidson's Diesel in Pioneer, CA. I have been riding since I was 10 years old, but I really got into racing in 2015 when I raced my first district 36 race. This was the legendary Wilseyville Harescramble, and after not riding a motorcycle for 5 years I was hooked. My next race was The Donner Hare Scramble in 2016, and I have not stopped racing since!
2016 fall district 36 3rd overall c vet
2017 spring district 36 2nd overall c vet 
2017 amawhs 1st overall C 30 plus
2018 B vet currently racing District 36 and AMAWHS
Follow my adventures on Instagram: @Davidsonsdiesel and give me a like! Thanks!" - David Davidson



Ava "Cado" Delaney

Ava DelaneyAva Delaney On the Gas

Ava and Kurt Caselli

Ava is one of the DDC Mini Team Captains and has true desert racing spirit. Ava has achieved:

  • 2017 MRANN Series: 2nd OA 65cc Novice
  • 2016 MRANN Series 4-Stroke Pee Wee Champion
  • 2013 MRANN Series 6 & Under 3rd OA

Ava says: "I like to go fast like Kurt"



    Angie Figg

    Angie FiggAngie Figg Racing

    "I started riding dirt bikes in the late 90’s, and racing in 2014. I am passionate about riding and bringing others into the sport. I race MRANN and District 36, with occasional track races here and there. As a 50+ woman, I hope to inspire others that you are never too old, and it is never too late to enjoy riding and/or racing dirt bikes. Some recent accomplishments include tying for the 2020 Saturday Women’s MRANN championship in points. In 2019, I started racing MRANN Sunday course, and in 2020, I finished my first 100 mile race. I look forward to the 2021 season racing MRANN Expert Saturday Women’s class and Sunday 50+ Novice class." -Angie Figg



    James Flynn

    James Flynn

    "I am James Flynn, I’m 18 years old from Gilbert, Arizona. Currently, I am riding for Moto Center AZ. I race Endurocross, Extreme Enduro and many different off-road series. I love seeking out and riding the most difficult terrain with my buddies. On the few days I’m not training or racing, I am studying and maintaining my bike." -James Flynn

    Follow me on Instagram @james_flynn_55! 



    JD Friebel

    JD Friebel

    "I have been riding dirt bikes since the age of 5 and competing since the age of 16. Throughout the years I have raced district 16 Hare Scrambles and Enduros, the National Enduro series, the OMA series and competed at the ISDE in Finland. 

    Some of my major accomplishments include: competing at the ISDE, 11 AA District 16 Hare Scramble Championships, one National Enduro Championship and numerous OMA and District 16 overall wins.

    I live in northern WI and when I'm not racing I am working as an electrician and enjoying time with my family. Dirt-bike racing has allowed me to travel the country and make unforgettable friendships over the years. I look forward to what the future holds." -JD Friebel



    Conner Gaarenstroom

    Conner GaarenstroomConner Gaarenstroom

    "My name is Connor Gaarenstroom and I was born and raised in Reno, NV. I have had a passion for motocross ever since I first threw a leg over a bike back in 2011. I race 65 open, 65 (10-11) and 85 Jr. (9-12). When I’m not riding, you can find me playing football or basketball with my friends. I am also a straight A student. We travel all over Nevada and California to race. I couldn’t do what I love without the support of all my sponsors and family. Follow me on Instagram to keep up with me me as I continue following my Racing dreams." -Conner Gaarenstroom @connor_mx531c #minianvil



    Miles Holt

    Miles HoltMiles Holt Racing
    "I started riding when I was 12, it was actually my brothers bike but I rode it more than he did! I got into racing through a friend when I was 16 and have never looked back. I’m a full time student at Weber State University in Utah and hopefully I'll get my Mechanical engineering degree if I can pass that damn chemistry class! I also work part-time for a aerospace company to help pay for school. My schedule is chaotic, but there’s always time for riding & racing! Growing up I didn’t come from a motorcycle family, so I’m very thankful for a supportive off-road community and companies like DDC that help riders succeed!! Thank you Nate!" - Miles Holt



    Chris Maas

    Chris Maas



    Randy Mac

    Randy MacRandy Mac on the gas

  • Meet Randy Mac (no relation). Randy's career as a pro wrestler faded like MySpace, but Randy's not letting that get him down. Randy has turned to bikes, and he's rapidly making a name for himself. Randy says "Put down the SlimJim and ride!" Randy runs DDC, you should too!
  • ________________________________________________________________

    Logan Mead

    Logan MeadLogan Mead Gold Medal
    "I started riding at the age of 4, and now 20 years later, riding motorcycles is still my biggest passion. I work full time as a repair technician, all while training before or after work (gym, mountain bike, and moto). I've been racing motoclimb professionally for 8 years. I feel a major part of my success is due to the amount of effort I put into training combined with the preparation my team puts into my bikes. I have always felt “you get out of it what you put into it,” and I’ve embraced everything that comes with racing... and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I look forward to being apart of the progression of this awesome sport. I work hard to represent my sponsors to the best of my ability, and most of all -keep having fun!" - Logan Mead


    Ben Meza

    Ben Meza Close upBen Meza jumpingBen Meza turning a corner


    Ben Meza
    Age- 21
    Hometown- Apple Valley CA
    Classes- Open Pro, E3 Pro
    Series- AMA Big 6, AMA Western Qualifier Series, AMA SoCal Motocross Series
    Past Accomplishments-  3X AMA National Champion, 2016 Glen Helen 10hr Overall Winner, Multi-time District 37 Class Champion, Earned a top 20 Overall National number in the NHHA series 3 years in a row
    Age started riding dirt bikes- 3 years old
    Favorite style of racing- Sprint Enduro
    Off-road or Motocross- Off-road
    Favorite thing about off-road- the friendships made at the races

    "My name is Ben Meza, I started riding dirt bikes when I was three years old and racing when I was 6. I grew up racing Motocross and idolizing guys like Jeremy McGrath and Ricky Carmichael. I knew virtually nothing about off-road but when I turned 11 my father decided to change that.
    I raced my first desert race at the age of 11 and saw success throughout racing all the way up to going pro at the age of 18. As a pro I've struggled with finding the fun factor again, but over the last couple years I've reached out of my comfort zone and found enjoyment in racing new formats. 
    My goals for the future are to earn a spot to represent the United States as part of the International Six Days Enduro Team. None of my success up to this point would have been possible without the help from sponsors like DDC who allow me and my equipment to be ready every weekend!"



    Marty Michels

     Marty MichelsMarty Michels and kids


    Age: 36
    Residence: Petersburg, KY
    Married: Laura
    Children:  Kellen (7) and Payton (5)
    "I have been riding since I was 5 and rode my first race at 8.  Started doing national events (GNCC, National Hare Scrambles) at 15 in the "B" class.  Over the past 20+ years of racing I have acquired:

    • 2 National Championships
    • Held a top 40 overall number for 10+ years in GNCC
    • 3 Top 10 overall numbers in National Hare scrambles
    • Numerous national class victories and podiums
    • Multiple regional and local titles
    • Named a top 100 off-road racer by Dirt Bike Magazine in 2007

    "I owe dirt bike racing many thanks in the fact that I have met so many great people over the years. My friends and sponsors have made it possible for me to continue doing what I love. Many of them, including Nate at DDC have become more than racing sponsors but close personal friends and this is what I am most grateful for. Dirt bike racing has given me the opportunity to travel the country and even visit different countries.

         You will find me at events in the mid-west and south throughout the year.  I ride off-road exclusively and participate in Enduros and Cross-Country type events.  I will be competing in IXCR, D-14 enduros, OMA Nationals, and other select events in 2017 and beyond."

    Class(s):  +30A, Open A, Pro (AA) Twitter and Instagram:  @michels439
    Mid-State Motorsports/Husqvarna, Gill Roofing, All-Finish Concrete, Fly Racing, Delaney Drive Components, Enduro Engineering, Unabiker, Premium Lifestyle Supply Co., Impact Sports, Cor Moto Graphics, House of Horsepower Suspension, Riding Forward, WPS, Clockwork, Stacy Mundy Photography, EVS, DQ Tuned, MotoXtremes  _________________________________________________________________________


    Alan & Kadyn Morton

    Alan MortonKadyn Morton

    "Hello, my name is Alan Morton and I'm 40 years old and live in Portola, CA. I'm married and have two kids and I work for Union Pacific Railroad. 
    I started riding when I was 5 years old and stopped when I was 17 for some reason. I started riding again 7 years ago to follow my son around and was hooked again. I started racing MRANN in 2016 with my son Kadyn.
    I also enjoy riding single track, the Downieville area is probably my favorite, but i also like desert rides and I do some duel sport riding.
    When I'm not riding or working, I enjoy watching my son and daughter play sports, camping, snowmobiling and pretty much anything outdoors." -Alan Morton
    "Hi, my name is Kadyn Morton. I'm 12 years old I'm in the 7th grade and live in Portola CA. I started riding when I was 6 years old and started racing MRANN at 10 years old. The first two seasons on a 65 and this year on a 85. 
    My first year of racing I placed 2nd in 65 novice, 2nd year placed 2nd 65 amateur. When I'm not racing I like to ride whenever and where-ever I can. I also play baseball and basketball. In my free time I enjoy camping and playing with my friends." -Kadyn Morton



    Maverick Shuey

    Maverick ShueyMaverick Shuey RacingMaverick and Purvines


    "Hi! My name is Maverick Shuey! I currently live up in a little town in he high desert of Southern California called Pinion Hills. I am a full time student at Victor Valley College striving to eventually get a degree in mechanical or electrical engineering. I also work part time as a land surveying assistant, then have my full time racing schedule in between! I have been racing for about 6 years now. I chose to move to the Pro 250 class in the NHHA series in 2016 after winning the 250A class in 2015. I love any and all forms of sports with wheels but off-road moto is the true passion. I race both locally in the District 37 Desert series, as well as nationally in the National Hare and Hound Series. It's definitely a way of life and I wouldn't have it any other way! If you see me strolling around the races with my friends or with my pup, Dusty, be sure to come by and say hi! See ya at the races!" -Maverick Shuey



    Tyler Soriano

    Tyler SorianoTyler Soriano sitting on his bike
    My name is Tyler Soriano and I race XC2 Pro in the GNCC Series. I love to ride, I've been on a bike or really anything with wheels since I was a child. I also love doing cross-fit so if I'm not riding I'm at the gym. My goal is to be the a GNCC champion. I am really competitive, but I always make sure to have all fun I can. After all, that's why we do this sport right?! lol -Tyler Soriano



    Jared Spencer

    Jared SpencerJared Spencer at King of the motos

    Jared Spencer, Age 37
    Bike: 2014 Beta 300 RR Race Edition
    Favorite type of races: extreme enduro / very technical

    2011: AMA D38 #5v
    2012: AMA D38 #3v
    2013: AMA National Hare & Hound Series. I finished the year as the 2nd vet amateur overall with my best finish at the Silver State Trail Blazers. (Rd# 9 in Panaca, Nv) as 1st Vet B and 11th B overall.
    2014: NHHA Vet B Champion with 1 win at round 5 and 7 second place finishes.
    2014: Last Dog Standing 1st Vet B & 2nd B overall!
    2015: AMA NHHA  5th overall Vet A                                                           
    2016: King Of The Motos official finisher.                                                        2017: 4th Vet A at the Rev Limiter Extreme Enduro

    2018: I plan to race and as many NHHA and local races as I can

    "Thank you DDC for making the best sprockets out there!!! And having amazing customer service!"



    Paul Sullivan

    Paul Sullivan

    Paul Sullivan
    Age – 47
    Rancho Cordova, CA.
    "I Grew up riding and racing, but I took multiple decades off. I'm back into it with a strong passion for the past 2yrs.
    I was introduced to motorcycles when I was about 8yrs old, I loved spending time with my family riding in Washington State and doing a little racing here and there. (I never really had much passion for the racing part.) Fast forward several decades, and I found myself racing Cat 1 Mountain Bikes & Cat 3 Road-bikes with a desire to rip the legs off my competition. This drive brought me back to dirt bikes, and now I’m riding and racing as much as possible. I'm currently racing AMA District 36 and looking to qualify for ISDE!" -Paul Sullivan


    Cole Tevis

    Cole TevisCole Tevis

    Cole Tevis
    15 years old
    From beautiful Paso Robles, CA
    WORCS Series
    Class: 250 b, 125 b

    "I have been riding since I was 3 years old and I genuinely love it. I just really started getting heavy into racing around 5 years ago. This is my first year with DDC and I am stoked to be a part of the team!" -Cole Tevis 



    Josh & Ryder Thomaselli

    Cracky The Crack Squirrel with Squirrel Jr. Ryder Thomaselli

    Ryder Thomaselli on the gasJosh Thomaselli in IdahoRyder Thomaselli and friend

    Josh "Cracky" Thomaselli: Rider of the gwar, destroyer of souls, keeper of your man card. Disclaimer: DDC Racing takes no responsibility for injuries incurred to yourself, those with you or damage to your motorcycle in the event you end up riding with Cracky. #ridingwithcracky #crackythecracksquirrel

    Ryder "Jr Squirrel" Thomaselli is a smaller version of the original, but do not be fooled. Even a small squirrel can be ferocious.



    Ryan Wells

    Ryan WellsRyan Wells and AMRA Champions
    Ryan Wells Is a professional off-road racer from AZ and the owner of AZ Dirt Bike Training. Ryan races all over the world, covering many disciplines from extreme enduro to hare scrambles. In 2019 he finished top 15 in both the AMA pro endurocross and American hard enduro championship. He also won the AMA AMRA AA championship! Follow Ryan: @rwells44


    "I ride everyday from sand motos and motocross to smashing rocks and logs.  I trust DDC to always keep me on the gas and moving forward!" - Ryan Wells


    Justin White

    Justin White's Motorcycle