Bike Set Up

"This page features products built by reputable US companies that I personally use and endorse. If you are a serious rider of technical "trail gwar" then you should consider outfitting your ride with these parts. It is absolutely necessary to have parts on your bike that actually hold up to the abuse. I have been using these parts for many years and some for literally thousands of hours.  I have found that these parts live up to their expectations. Plus, these companies actually stand behind the products they make. Here in Nevada, the desert is vast; and very often I am riding solo, several  hours away from any kind of civilization. To have a serious mechanical failure out here, could quickly create a survival situation." -Nate Delaney

Pictures of Nate's KTM

Current DDC Dream Build: 2013 KTM 450XC-F

This bike is set up for shredding the ultimate gwar! I've added 6th gear to the tranny, and the suspension has been dialed in. Extras and add-on's include: Rekluse Core EXP, full FMF pipe, BPD swing arm and radiator guards, TMD chain sliders and guides, Fasstco Flexx bars, Trail Tech Voyager, cooling fan, hour meter and kick stand, Scott's steering stabilizer (under bar), Tugger lift straps front & rear, SXS skid plate and linkage guard combo, Bolt Motorcycle Hardware axle blocks and hardware throughout,  RK EXW gold chain, IMS tank, with the "Aldo Nova" wrap by Ibex Graphics.

DDC Racing is proud to be an authorized dealer for the companies who build the products we use. We can order any of the products made by these great companies and we will do our absolute best to get them to you fast! (If you purchase sprockets from us, we will extend an unbeatable price) If you have any questions, if you would like to order, or if you are interested in honest trail testing feedback, we would be happy to help!

(The following featured product endorsements are the opinion of Nate Delaney)


Bolt Logo

Bolt Motorcycle Hardware: "The best nuts and bolts for your money. BOLT hardware boasts that same factory fit and finish look that you expect from an OEM bolt. The quality and strength of their products sets the industry standard for moto fasteners. Over the years, I have tested and studied sprocket bolts to a great degree. What causes sprocket bolts to yield and fail? What strength and type of steel should they be made from? I strongly recommend Bolt sprocket bolts and I endorse them for use with our awesome DDC Racing sprockets. Bolt Pro-Packs are a must have for every workshop. They are available in bike specific kits and feature the same fit and finish as your OEM factory bolts. Just about any bolt you will ever need to replace will be found in these kits. I also love their chain adjuster blocks for tire changing and chain adjustment ease".

Bolt chain adjuster block


Trail Tech Logo

Trail Tech: "Trail Tech builds the best bike computers and cooling fans available. The Trail Tech Voyager is a must have for the hardcore rider who loves to explore where only the few dare to venture. You can draw a path in Google Earth, save it, then transfer this into Voyager. When you are on the bike, you can try to follow your path. Sometimes what you see on GE is too extreme in real life, but its always fun to try. At least with a track to follow, you have peace of mind that you are going the correct direction. When you get home, you can upload your actual ride back onto GE. This makes for some really fun riding adventures, especially if you have a group of buddies you want to torture.  Voyager also features: speedo, ambient temp, altitude, engine temp, ride time, accumulated ride time, average speed, and it graphs all of these. It has all kinds of user settings so you can dial it in for your personal riding needs. Trail Tech cooling fans are a must have for anyone who loves to ride difficult, slow going, coolant spewing terrain. Their TTO hour meter is mandatory for every bike, regardless of what kind of riding you like. Maintenance tip: In permanent marker, write down the hour of when your next oil change is due on your engine case. This makes it very easy to keep track of. You can also set Voyager to do this task, but if you're like me forgetting to reset Voyager is almost inevitable. The simplicity of the TTO hour meter is foolproof, plus its cheap enough to stay on the bike when you sell it. I typically pull my Voyager off and keep it for the next bike. Trail Tech also makes a great front mounted chainsaw rack. I spend a lot of time clearing trail, this mount is critical to the task of lugging around a saw. The entire weight of the mount and saw is less than 10lbs, you almost don't even notice it..... almost. :)"

Trail Tech TTODirt bike with Trail Tech Chainsaw mount

Fasstco Logo

Fasst Company: "Fasst Company is based in southern Utah and I can personally tell you they have some unbelievable riding right from the doors of their production facility. This company is serious about the sport and they build some excellent products, most notably for their Flexx Bars. In my opinion, Flexx bars will prolong your fun on the bike and allow you to ride a littler harder even when fatigue sets in. For me, square edge chop and braking bumps into corners, absolutely kill my wrists. The Flexx bars give you just enough "flex" to absorb these harsh impacts and make that 100 mile desert race seem a bit more like an enjoyable trail ride with a couple hundred friends".


Bullet Proof Designs Logo

Bullet Proof Designs: "BPD makes products that are nearly that; bullet proof. Their machined billet radiator guards and super trick disk protectors are the strongest on the market. I love their swing arm guard, which protects the weak chain guide mounting tabs on your KTM swing arm. These tabs are notorious for busting from one errant rock impact or stump clearance miscalculation. This is a mandatory part for the technical rider. The guys at Bullet Proof machine their parts at their cool facility in Lee's Summit, MO and they are serious riders who support the sport. If you can't find them at their shop, they are probably someplace in Baja railing single-track and eating tacos".

Bullet Proof Swing Arm Guard 


Seehorns Extreme Logo

 SXS: "SXS Slideplates and Snowshed engine plates are second to none! Made from UHMW plastic, (The plastic equivalent to our sprocket steel) these things are ultra tough. They are handmade by professional off-road racer, and super nice guy, Jon Seehorn. Both the fit and mounting are great, but the strength and durability coming from a lightweight plastic skid plate is unbelievable. For the Timbersled riders out there,  SXS builds a "Snowshed" snow plate which wraps tightly to your motor to keep the snow out and the heat in. This is a must in deep powder conditions. SXS also builds some simple, yet awesome linkage slide plates, to protect your low hanging linkage from whatever you may bash it into".


Tugger Logo

Tugger: "Tugger lift straps are the best lift strap made! They are an inexpensive "must have" product and I have been using them since their launch. The guys at Tugger stand behind their product 100%, and even if you rip one in half while performing stunts of stupidity, -they will replace it. Tuggers are made in the USA and the guys at Tugger are avid riders, plus they also work hard to keep trails open. One of my most notable Tugger moments occurred while racing the Idaho City 100 several years ago. This was the infamous monsoon year, and I think it rained for 6 days prior to the event. The entire course was a relentless axle deep rut of doom! I made a slight miscalculation in line selection while crossing a little tiny creek. The earth opened up and swallowed my 525 up to the seat in stinky black soup. Luckily, some good friends were coming behind me and stopped to help. If my bike was not outfitted with front and rear Tuggers, it would still be someplace in the Idaho woods. I've also used Tuggers as anchor points to rope my bike down the side cliffs, and for towing guys out of the desert. (Note: Tugger does not endorse nor recommend these last two uses, however they will warranty their straps regardless :) :) The best part is you can have your name, nickname, or porn-name custom embroidered in any one of several color options. My rear Tugger strap has now been with me for 3 bikes and is still going strong! The guys at Tugger have also recently released a sweet little tow line kit. The rope is made from a new ultra-high strengh polymer fiber and for only being 1/8" diameter, it has a 2800lb breaking strengh"!

Rear fender mounted Tugger lift strap.



 There are many more great parts coming to this page soon, and we will be starting a full bike build shortly........stay tuned!